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What is Islam?

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Islam basically means submission to Allah (The one and only God) and Belief in all the Prophets and their books. Islam teaches that one can only find true peace in one’s life by submitting to the one and only God (Allah) in heart, soul and deed. One who submits to the one and only God and follows Islam, is called a Muslim.

There are 6 pillars of faith in Islam.

  1. The belief in the one and only God, Allah.
  2. The belief in God’s Angels (They are not his partners or equals).
  3. The belief in the Holy Scriptures
  4. The belief in the Messengers
  5. The belief in life after death and the Resurrection
  6. The belief in divine decree (Qadr’)

Please download an “Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam” which includes the basics on Islam, Allah, Muhammad (pbuh) and also Scientific Miracles in the Quran.
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  • mohammed el amine

    Salam aalaykome warahmato allah wabarakatohe :
    my brothers , i m looking for books about Islam ( the prophets , worships …ext)
    i would like to get some for my child to teach her about Islam .
    May i have your address or the name of the place and location of it .
    thank you

    • mohammed el amine

      Salam aalaykome warahmato allah wabarakatohe :
      i m looking for books about Islam actually i have my wife that she is new in Islam so i m looking for her to learn and know more about Islam worshiping , wodo, all
      thank you

      • mustapha

        salam alaykum brother mohammed, if you want books on islam, u should visit there are several books on islam that you can download. you will also find videos and audios. may Allah keep your wife on the right part till the day of kiyammah

  • Zane

    While I’m not one of the Islam faith, infact I’m Catholic, I’ve had serious doubt in what I have been taught in regards to my faith and have began lightly studying the Holy Quran in hopes to find answers to questions and doubts that I’ve had for many years. I’m what I believe to be a good man to my wife and a leader, teacher and father to my four children, however I feel as though I cannot teach them about a certain faith when I myself have not yet found one that my mind, body and soul are at one with. Any thoughts of wisdom on this?

    • om bilal

      dear zane i dont know u will read my reply or no but anyway i hope that Allah ( God) guide u to the truth and the right religion tell me any trusted information in cristianity that all the historians or even the priest or any of the pops are sure about it nothing even there is no one bible with the language of jesus even the bibles are written according to the four saints not even to jesus and even this bibles they dont have any signatures for the real authors and if u read tell me one thing that enters the heart or convince the mind that it is from god nothing zillions of contradictions zillions of errors zillions of no morality lessons etc etc pls read the quraan( which is only one quraan arabic but quraan can be only translated as meanening and explanations to all the language of the world) till now and we muslims believe till forever there is no one error no one contradiction on the contrary prophet muhammed prayers and peace be upoun him was illiterate but allah inspired him with the quraan which contains how the baby is formed in the womb before modern science discovers how is the earth etc etc quraan respects jesus peace be upoun him more than christians his mother virgin mary is a real chaste for us no joseph or nothing she is one of the most important women in islam and in heaven not only scientific facts but all the morals we need all the respect and most of all how we worship only one god and how to worship him alone no saints nothing etc etc pls try to read ahmed deedat books or watch in youtube also yusef estess a former preacher or hamza yusef etc etc i wish for u and ur family all the best

  • sana

    salemoualykom wa rahmatou ALLAH wa baraketoh
    i m really glad for this work and i ask ALLAH the only that may protect you and take this work in your ballence in th day of judgement

  • Abu Masa’ab

    Assalam o Alaikum

  • Joy

    This is a very good effort. I’ve always tried to find comprehensive sites on Islam. This will be very useful in clearing fogs that have been created on Islam. May Allah bless you and accept your efforts!

  • Isa Ali